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Waterside eating is a Pacific speciality but our region is not alone in being attracted to the delights of dining beside the seaside.

June 15, 2018
Pacific Island Living

Pacific Island Living

June 15, 2018

Waterside eating is a Pacific speciality but our region is not alone in being attracted to the delights of dining beside the seaside; setting up kitchens and tables within easy reach of the water is an international pursuit with many different solutions to designing the perfect setting. Toby Preston.

Below: Tropical bliss – set under a huge natangura roof this stylish kitchen and dining room is perfectly set up to take advantage of  Vanuatu’s stunning beachfront views. Above left: The Mauritius version of overwater eating; Breaka’s beachside fare in Vanuatu.

Food and Water. The paired staples of life, but in this case I’m thinking more of the water you can’t drink – seawater. When you’re surrounded by water then the first place you’ll find is a restaurant or a dining table as adjacent as possible. It’s true in the Pacific and it’s the case throughout the world – the northern Mediterranean coast from Spain to Turkey is littered with seaside eating opportunities. On some Greek islands it’s almost impossible to not eat within a metre or two of the Med, indeed the restaurant kitchens are often on the opposite side of the road with waiters weaving through the traffic to delivers dishes to the seaside diners. The coast of Italy is the same with restaurants tucked into corners on every beach while on the islands they are also perched above stunning views, from Capri to Panerea. Even in Scandinavia where the weather is not always conducive to outdoor eating, you’ll find rugs and reindeer skins on the backs of chairs in restaurants along the quayside so that the alfresco season can be extended.

Here in the Pacific we tend to keep our kitchens closer to the tables but often waiters are walking through the sand to get meals to diners on decks or beaches. Our domestic kitchens are also designed to make the most of our watery locations with the best set up for open, casual dining with views to the ocean. We love our beach barbies and waterside tables under the palms, whether it’s in the luxury of a five-star resort or under a simple fare in the garden. Wherever there’s water there’s a dining table close by and a drink to accompany.

Here we take a look at some of the better kitchens and dining areas, both in private homes and resorts. From the simple to the sophisticated, from gourmet to takeaway, any meal is all the better for being on the waterfront.

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