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Cosmetic Gains…Without Pain

Science is now delivering any number of cosmetic treatments which are non invasive and relatively pain-free and far less time consuming than a surgical procedure. Georgie Gordon road tests and recommends.

August 28, 2019
Rebecca Murphy

Rebecca Murphy

August 28, 2019

Although the number of people undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery procedures continues to rise, other less-invasive treatments are still the preferred option for many, particularly those who fear going under the knife in the name of beauty. Here we take a look at the latest cosmetic innovations delivering game changing results, many of which can be done in a lunch hour with minimal to no side effects.


This always brings to mind sci-fi movies where people are frozen to be brought back in the future, however, weight loss rather than eternal youth is the aim here. Cryotherapy was originally used by athletes for pain relief and to speed up recovery time although once it was discovered that the benefits included shrinking fat, it was quickly adopted by the beauty business.

The most popular form of cryotherapy for weight loss involves entering a booth of sub zero temperatures (minus 90c) for three to five minutes. It works by stimulating the blood cells and tricking the body into burning calories. Under monitored conditions the treatment is thought to be safe for everyone other than pregnant women, children and those with high blood pressure. 


Mesotherapy entails delivering a formulation directly under the skin to target specific problems. Very fine needles are used for a series of injections into the middle (meso in Greek) layer of skin, substances include vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, plant extracts and even hormones. Mesotherapy is most commonly used to treat fine lines as plumping and hydrating the tissue under the skin causes surface lines to soften.

Cool Sculpting:

Images brought to mind here of someone carving a sculpture from ice once again have no bearing on the actual process. Instead, this fairly new procedure involves the freezing of fat cells with a special device. The cold temperature damages the cells which are then removed naturally by the body. It is considered a much safer, not to mention less intrusive, alternative procedure to liposuction.

Non-surgical nose job:

It’s amazing what skilled hands with a dermal needle can achieve these days. Where once Botox and fillers were used to eradicate wrinkles and fill in deep lines, the treatments are now also used to re-sculpt the face as an alternative to going under the scalpel. A straight nose, for example, can be a reality with just a few expertly placed dermal filler injections. 

Treatment road test.

HIFU: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

HIFU is a relatively new treatment that been touted as an effective and non-invasive ‘face-lift’. It works by delivering heat energy to the skin and the tissue below the skin to stimulate collagen renewal, thereby improving the skin’s texture and reduce sagging.

My only experience with ultra-sounds has been for keeping track of growing babies, I wasn’t sure what to expect when entering Elite Body Contouring’s serene clinic in Sydney. Quickly put at ease by the impossibly big smile of my therapist, after filling out a quick info sheet I was whisked into a room for my before shot. Although the benefits of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound take a few weeks to kick in a slight tightening of the skin can be noticeable straight after treatment.

My therapist begins by marking out sections on my face and neck and applying a gel. For each section she does a pain test as the device is placed against the skin, I opt for the highest setting because no pain, no gain, but really I would describe the tingly sting as discomfort rather than pain, keeping in mind everyone has a different threshold. Side effects can include redness or swelling but I didn’t experience either.

The treatment takes about an hour for face and neck and lying under warm towels with my therapist’s expert hands working away and the slight buzz of the machine was not unpleasant at all. Follow-up treatments are recommended depending on level of elasticity of the skin. I choose to head back after five weeks as I’m keen to get the maximum effects. However, by this time my skin is markedly improved. I, and my partner, notice that I look fresher overall, however, it is my jawline that I most thrilled about. Where there was a slackness to the skin, and the definite beginnings of dreaded jowls, my skin is tauter and more supple.

I would highly recommend this treatment for people that have sun damaged skin or those that want to see some wrinkle reduction and a tightening of the skin. The treatment is not recommended for older candidates with severe sagging and wrinkles.

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