Senior lawyer in the office of Geoff Gee & Co but avid surfer out of it, Stephanie Mahuk shares some of her favourite things in Vanuatu.

August 16, 2019
Rebecca Murphy

Rebecca Murphy

August 16, 2019

1. Tamanu Oil – liquid gold. I swear by this pungent oil for all sorts of skin problems, from being scraped along a limestone road in a bike crash to deep coral cuts and sun burnt, salt pickled skin – this oil has seen me through it all.

The Pango Line Up

2.The Pango line up – my weekend schedule is dictated by the tides and the swell. I love sitting in the line-up which is so dynamic from the village groms to expatriates. The conversations are never dull! The resident dugongs are a treat when they swim around your ankles expecting a belly rub. I am particularly in awe of the skill level of the local surfers thanks to the work of the Vanuatu Surfing Association and the number of village girls sharing the waves and slaying it is terrific. A testament of the Solwota Sista initiative.

Coral garden planting

3. Egmaout – this spot is quite special. My dear friend Risu Kalotiti started a coral garden and helping her maintain, replant and transplant from the garden with the Solwota Sistas is a very rewarding experience knowing that the toil will help restore bleached and dead reef in the area to encourage marine life to thrive and a healthier ecosystem.

4. Gaston Chocolat – Handcrafted chocolate bars of authentic Vanuatu origin and inspiration. Olivier is a financial guru by qualification and a chocolatier at heart. His passion for chocolate runs deep from hopping on random boats to Malekula in order to train farmers in producing the perfect bean to spending hours in his factory brewing the perfect blend for a bar (while juggling a full time desk job). My favourite flavour is the caramalised nangae nut and sea salt. This flavour and his coconut bar won the 2019 bronze awards at the Academy of Chocolate International awards in London.

Artist; Marie St Hilaire

5. Marie St Hilaire – Marie is one of my favourite artistic souls on the island for her joie de vivre and beautiful pottery. Every item from her kiln is crafted with so much attention and love. Each piece is distinct from the other. Her kava bowls are a stylish must have for nakamal visits.

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