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Georgie Gordon delves into the Korean beauty fad that is sheet masks. These have become a social media phenomenon with everyone from top models to movies stars posting scary looking photos of their masked faces.

December 19, 2018
Rebecca Murphy

Rebecca Murphy

December 19, 2018

This year’s biggest beauty trend isn’t a way to style your hair or the latest lip colour to wear but a skincare step from the beauty capital of the world Korea, where all the best, and weirdest, beauty trends are born. Sheet masks, oval sheets with holes for eyes, nose and mouth, are designed to enhance the penetration of products to the skin. An indicator of their popularity is the social media phenomenon the #sheetmaskselfie everybody from top models like Bella Hadid to movies stars are posting scary looking Hannibal Lector like photos of themselves. And it’s not the just the style set that on board, top dermatologists recommend them and it’s no wonder as results can often be seen immediately. Sheet masks are best used to treat a specific issue, those that try and do too many things for your skin are less efficient so use our guide to determine which will work best for you… and get that camera ready.

For hydration
Sheet masks are more effective than even the best moisturiser or serum because they trap the active ingredients in your skin. Look out for any that contain hyaluronic acid for a big hydration boost. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and don’t rinse your face afterwards so the products can continue to work their magic. If you need to be somewhere just pat dry lightly and apply your make-up as normal.
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For glowing skin
An enzyme or fruit acid mask will exfoliate the skin and fight a dull complexion. Also liquorice root extract and vitamin C are great for a glow. These are all gentle ways to exfoliate and brighten your skin so you needn’t worry about leaving the masks on too long, in fact the longer the better. Try sleeping in one or alarming fellow passengers on a long haul flight.
We love: Patchology Milk Peel Flashmasque (pack of 4) AUD$40 from

For oily skin
Clay masks are your best bet for oily complexions, they mattify the skin and help control breakouts by absorbing the grease and delivering soothing minerals. Algae extracts are also great for soothing skin and tightening everything up.
We love: Skin Republic Pink Clay Mud Sheet Mask AUD$13

For younger looking skin
Masks containing milk thistle and skull cap will firm and help with hydration, these are your go to after a big night of too much of everything bar sleep. Anything with retinol is going to help combat fine lines so try and get into the habit of applying one of these once a week.
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