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Kite Surfer’s Dream at Beran Island

Kite surfers uncover the secrets at Beran Island Resort in the Marshall Islands.

May 31, 2019
Rebecca Murphy

Rebecca Murphy

May 31, 2019

Surfers will travel anywhere on the promise of great waves and good times and, whilst Beran Island is a bit of a journey, there’s a reason some of the world’s elite surfing fraternity ensure they hit this place up – unbelievable water and waves, a stunning private 45-acre island, five star service and no more than 16 guests at a time, it’s every surfer’s dream location.

But it’s not just surfers that are looking for the perfect location – kite surfers too are starting to uncover the secrets at Beran Island.

“Beran Island in the Marshall Islands is truly a bucket list destination; it just hasn’t made it on anyone’s bucket list yet! My best comparison is visiting Tavarua/Cloudbreak 25-30 years ago, but instead of instead of sleeping in beach bures, you are sleeping in a villa.  And because of its remoteness you won’t have to share (the surf) with anyone outside of the resort,” said renowned kite surfing coach Reo Stevens.

The trade winds blow between 15 and 25 knots consistently from November to July/August. Wind at the breaks is side offshore and perfect for sailing or kiting on the waves. Long, perfect righthand point waves, with no one around! The Marshalls have been featured recently on some cutting edge windsurfing videos.

Reo Stevens has been offering kiting trips, and will be offering more trips in the 2019/20 season. His expertise and guidance will allow you to improve your kiting, surfing and overall knowledge of the sport and of the ocean.   

Getting to Beran from Australia, you travel on Nauru Airlines ex Brisbane to Majuro. From there, a quick domestic flight to Woje airport and you’re in another world. The runway is straight off the reef, with a little more grass than coral, but it’s all part of the adventure – you can’t expect to get to a place like this without a bit of rough and ready.

Often before you before check-in, even before you lay eyes on the resort, you will be on a boat heading for what promises to be some truly magnificent surf.  Beran Island Resort has hosted big name surfers and celebrities but it too has a laid back feel to it; it does feel exclusive however, not many people around ensures you can design the perfect break away on this secluded paradise. 

The island offers several charter boats, which take guests out fishing, diving or surfing. A floating hotel of sorts, you can surf all day without needing to go back on shore, with lunch and snacks catered for.

A week at Beran feels like a month and it would be difficult for anyone to leave, this is a surf and dive haven for anyone wanting to switch off and ride endless waves with no one around. For more info visit

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