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Magical Majuro

Here is your absolute go to guide when travelling to and staying in Magical Majuro in the Marshall Islands.

February 26, 2019
Rebecca Murphy

Rebecca Murphy

February 26, 2019

Where to stay – Majuro

The major international airport is located on Majuro where modern accommodation facilities are also to be found.

Hotel Robert Reimers

Operated by one of the pioneering Marshallese families, this property offers both standard hotel suites as well as secluded waterfront bungalows. There is a quality restaurant and bar located on-site and is well located, close to shopping and facilities.

Airport Hotel and Lokjar Apartments

As the name suggests, located close to the airport and offering superior modern accommodation suitable for families or longer stay guests. Large and self-contained with reliable WiFi, these apartments are a popular choice.

Marshall Islands Resort

Located mid-island at Delop, this larger contemporary resort hotel offers guests familiar accommodation options found in many major islands with swimming pool, tennis courts and conference facilities. The full service restaurant and beachside BBQ are local attractions.

Apart from these centrally located resorts and hotels, there are a great many basic beach ‘getaways’ to be found on the outer islands to suit backpackers and those seeking a more traditional island experience.

Eat and Drink

Majuro is quite the melting pot of international cuisine where visitors can find anything from Chinese, Filipino, Indian, French, Japanese and local Marshallese along the winding road from the airport to the Rita district at the island’s northernmost tip.


Located in the Marshall Islands Resort, the restaurant regularly offers themed cuisine in the large capacity restaurant and outdoor BBQ area.

Tide Table

Located in the Hotel Robert Reimers complex offering a wide range of Western and Asian themed dishes with a well stocked bar. Popular with travelling business people.

Things to do:

Scuba Diving

The RMI is fast gaining a reputation as a world-leading destination for adventurous scuba diving. With more than 1,000 species of fish, 250 species of hard and soft corals as well as some of the most famous WWII shipwrecks (like the world’s only diveable aircraft carrier) it is truly for the most intrepid divers while still holding appeal for novices and snorkellers.

Deep Sea and Lagoon Fishing

There is fishing for everyone in the RMI. Whether you are a deep sea fisher looking for the trophy pelagic bill fish or just some more leisurely lagoon species, fishing is an exciting activity the whole family can enjoy.

For the serious anglers, as many as ten tournaments are held every year. Day charters and excursions can be booked on a wide variety of vessels. Best time for fishing is May to October.

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