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Business Link Pacific is set to support the digital transformation of Pacific business.

September 5, 2019
Rebecca Murphy

Rebecca Murphy

September 5, 2019

In 2015, the World Bank reported on the significant job creation potential of the IT enabled service industry in countries like Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga. Through the reformation of telecommunication sectors and gradually improved connectivity across the region, the economic benefits of a digitally connected Pacific are becoming ever more apparent. 

Business Link Pacific (BLP) is supporting the current digital transformation of the Pacific Islands as more businesses in the region are taking advantage of available online tools to improve their operations and reach international markets. At BLP they support businesses to address their digital needs through training, access to software or step-by-step strategies to developing an online presence or enter new markets. 

BLP’s main objectives are to connect small and medium sized businesses in the Pacific to local advisory services providers, and to create a healthy local market for business services. This involves identifying what a rising business needs to grow and then connect it with a good quality and reliable service provider that can address the identified need. BLP approved business advisors offer tailored solutions to local businesses, we know that one size doesn’t fit everyone. 

BLP works with small and medium sized businesses (between 5 and 50 employees) in Fiji, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu whose venture is growing. Reliable business advice can make all the difference for these businesses, as we have seen through the experiences of many across the region that have worked with the BLP advisor network.

BLP’s Portal offers a free online Business Health Check that identifies business gaps. From there a business can search for and access a wide range of business service providers, quality approved by BLP.  Growing businesses can choose experts based on their area of need and access financial support if required.

BLP is funded by the New Zealand Government and is set to support the development of PICs’ private sector.

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