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The story behind Breakas is a romantic one. Originally a private home on the Pango Peninsula outside Vanuatu’s capital Port Vila, the owner gifted the property to his new bride and together they built what is now Breakas Beach Resort. A number of expansions, a new chef and great management have ensured Breakas remains one of Vanuatu’s most popular, yet understated resorts. Tiffany Carroll checked it out.

February 26, 2019
Tiffany Carroll

Tiffany Carroll

February 26, 2019

The power goes out in Vanuatu. It happens, in fact it happens all over the Pacific, it’s just part of life in the islands. But when it went out at Breakas Beach Resort, with guests seated by the pool enjoying dinner and a live band, the electric insturments stopped, but the band didn’t. They simply started singing acapella.

I had just checked in and already felt at home. The view from reception stretches beyond the infinity pool and out across the surf break on to the horizon. I’d missed the sunset and the receptionist apologised as if it was his fault.

Local Ni-Vanuatu children were playing on the beach next door, the power restored, couples were spread along the waterside dining tables. The staff chatting to all guests, ensuring the power outage hadn’t caused an inconvenience – it hadn’t.

Breakas markets itself and three and a half stars only, “we don’t pretend to be anything else,” general manager Isaac Boyle tells me.

Service with a smile at Breakas Beach Resort

“It’s feet in the sand luxury, it’s the only beach resort close to town and we just concentrate on doing a good job.”

Immediately it feels more than 3.5 stars, the location is stunning, the oversized pool is beautiful and the welcome is genuinely friendly.

Over the next two days I would stay in one of Breakas beachfront fares. The rooms are airy and minimally furnished allowing you to take in the sweeping beachfront views. The semi outdoor bathrooms are gorgeous, you can shower under the trees or stars and sleep soundly in the fan-cooled rooms listening the gentle waves breaking on the reef.

Beachfront at Breakas Beach Resort

Breakas is one of those resorts where you’re encouraged to do absolutely nothing. Laze by the pool, snorkel in the ocean, go in to town if you must, but the emphasis is all about relaxation.
It’s adults-only, the staff is attentive and keen to learn about you – more than just where are you from and how long are you here, their interest is genuine and engaging.

The resort is popular among locals and expats too, thanks to it’s fabulous restaurant. Italian chef Paolo Zanella is at the helm. Paolo arrived in Vanuatu from Dubai and has brought with him a sophisticated menu and cutting edge style. His steak is the best I’ve ever eaten in Vanuatu – served with a balsamic reduction the steak was so tender it could be carved with a butter knife. The resort also makes fabulous cocktails and hosts a Melanesian night each week were you can try kava and enjoy a traditional cultural show.

Breakas Beach Resort offers 63 fares, all fan cooled, all with beach access. Air Vanuatu flies from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and New Caledonia to Port Vila. For more information go to

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