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Lifelong fitness fanatic Lauren Jagger brings you the ultimate island style workout to try anywhere, any time, using
only the resources of the islands…

May 29, 2019
Rebecca Murphy

Rebecca Murphy

May 29, 2019

If your goal is to become more active and get moving but the cost of gym memberships and weekly classes is holding you back then it’s time to get creative. Get fit just by using your own body weight and by mixing up your training routines, which in time can build a stronger and healthier you. We often have big plans for our fitness regimes in the first quarter of the year but as the months go by they become even more unrealistic and then a distant memory. In order to stop this from happening we have to keep ourselves motivated and keep our workouts fun and engaging. Who wants to be stuck inside working out when nature offers us everything we need and more.

To get you started here is our Bulalicious* Island Go-To Workout that you can do anywhere, anytime with no excuses. Remember, the more you enjoy doing your workouts and the less they feel like a chore the longer you are going to commit to them.

Palm Tree Shuttle Runs – find two palm trees and run between the two 20 times touching the ground at the tree base as you approach and pushing off your back leg as you sprint to the next palm tree. (Legs)

Coconut Bicep Curls – Take a fresh coconut in each hand (still full of juice) elbows into your waist and alternate bringing the coconut up to your shoulder then down by your side 20 times – keep the rest of your body in line and no rocking. (Arms-Biceps)

Sand Plank Jacks – Place your forearms in the sand, head in line, feet pushing back in a plank position and jump your feet out and in without moving the rest of your body. Be sure to hold your core tight and not let you body rotate – 20 times (Abdominals/Core)

Driftwood Dead Lifts – Most oceans in the Pacific have brought in driftwood or timber from upstream. Find one piece that isn’t too heavy nor too light and one that you can hold at either end without stretching too much. Bend over at a 90-degree angle, legs slightly bent and not locked. Bring the driftwood up to your chest and lower back down, elbows pointing upwards, engaging your core, with back straight. (Hamstrings – top muscles at the back of the legs)

Tide Chasing Power Jumps – Place your feet shoulder width apart, arms down by your side, facing the ocean and as the tide goes out, power jump forward on to two bent legs, then as the tide comes back in perform small jumps backwards in a low sumo squat position and repeat again once the ocean goes back out. Use your arms to propel you forward, keep your knees bent as you squat backwards – 20 times. (Glutes)

Palm Tree Press Ups – Find your nearest palm tree, one with a slight bend where it’s been chasing the sunlight. Prepare for a normal press up, except this time your feet are in the sand and you are on an angle with arms shoulder width apart and lower down on to the tree and slowly back up –15 times (Chest/Pectorals)

Ocean To Land Plank Rotations – In a plank position, forearms down, ensure you are parallel to the ocean. Slowly rotate to the sea and raise your right arm only and replace back to centre, keep still as your body weight is supported by just your left arm, then repeat to the other side facing the land and raise your left arm to the sky and bring it back down. Each time engage your core while still controlling your breathing and enjoy the beautiful views as you go through the movements (20 times). The key here is not to rush and to control each movement (Obliques – muscles at the sides of your six pack)

Sand Mountain Climbers – Hands in the sand shoulder-width apart in a full extension, legs back and body weight pushed into heels. Begin to alternate bringing each knee into your chest and placing it back to its starting position. Drive your knees up to your chest as if climbing a mountain. The sand will add extra resistance so the key is to keep pushing, and bring your knees in quick enough not to weigh you down deeper into the sand. (Deltoids – top of the arms and shoulder)

Palm Tree Power Jumps – Stand next to a palm tree with your feet shoulder width apart, squat down and power through your legs jumping upright using your arm to touch the side of the palm tree. Each time try and beat your last reach on the palm tree. (Quadriceps – big muscles at top/front of legs)

Coconut Calf Raises – Stand with feet shoulder-width apart with a fresh coconut held straight out in front of you. Slowly move your body weight forward onto the front of your toes without tipping over to the sides and keeping your body upright, core engaged and arms still out in front holding the coconut – 30 times (Gastrocnemius/Calf Muscles)

Repeat the whole workout twice every other day and we can guarantee it will get your heart beating and add some creativity to your workouts.

You will soon feel happier about working out and positive that you don’t need lots of money, just a little creativity.
*Bulalicious Activewear (pictured) is available via their online website (FREE shipping worldwide)•

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